MIT Witricity Development

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MIT Witricity Development

Posted on November 2008 in Witricity

Ok, so having reported previously that Intel have “taken over where MIT left off”, it seems that according to reports, MIT didn’t actually “leave off”!

According to this article by Scott Kersner, MIT have created a spin-out called WiTricity and have set up an office in Watertown where they are hiring engineers to take the concept and create a more realistic real-world prototype. What’s more they just received $4 million in Series A funding and are already talking to potential customers. Interesting.

As an aside, there is an interesting comment tacked onto that blog article linked above from a company called PowerBeam who it appears are based in India and doing a similar sort of thing via a slightly different route. Now I’m not that technical, but that’s how it sounds to me!

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