Intel Take Over Where MIT Left Off

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Intel Take Over Where MIT Left Off

Posted on August 2008 in Witricity, Articles

Actually that’s not strictly true because MIT have continued to work on WiTricity since the announcement this time last year but still… 

Seems like Intel have taken on the burden (if that’s the right word) of making WiTricity a reality. They’ve just completed a demo, dubbing their system WREL (”wireless resonant energy link”) - even though it’s essentially just what MIT have already showed us - and while they admit it’s probably 5 years away from being a commercial reality, it seems WiTricity is going to have a place in the home after a year or so of wondering.

Since reporting on WiTricity back in 2007, MIT have been working on efficiency and from the origianl 40% efficiency lighting a light bulb at 7 feet, they got it down thus far to 90% efficiency at 3 feet. Intel did a demonstration that basically did the latter.

Now the public demo’s done, Intel are concentrating on shrinking the equipment to “laptop size” with a view to being able to provide a first-stage device that can recharge batteries from a short distance. Next step one assumes is to power a device - 5 years? Maybe longer. But it’s happening.

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