Witricity’s Likely Impact

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Witricity’s Likely Impact

Posted on June 2007 in Witricity

Ignoring the immediate impact this new technology is having according to Google propagation, if witricity takes hold, the impact goes well beyond the wow factor of wireless electricity. Now MIT have proven the technology, the intention will be to sell it on to someone who can develop it’s commercial application, and this is where it really starts. While right now, tests have succeeded in lighting a bulb at 7 feet, bear in mind it doesn’t even need a clear line of sight - no doubt this is merely the beginning.

The MIT team have already stated that they think witricity could be commonly used in powering mobile and battery driven devices over a short range within 3 to 5 years. Assuming the cost of the technology remains in public or commercial reach, the impact on the home or office could be relatively immediate. Witric devices would start to become sought after and everyday technology would have to adapt. Battery makers probably have the most to worry about here. Witricity could alleviate the need for batteries on many popular devices altogether.

Laptop manufacturers, mobile phone companies and MP3 or hi-fi companies could find that their product ranges have to adapt and adapt quickly. With witricity relying on two resonators resonating at the same frequency, witric products will need to incorporate a receptive resonator. Whether that will be in-built or an external add-on remains to be seen. Or maybe the products will simply contain a chargeable battery, as many do currently, with a plug-in charging resonator? That seems the simplest solution, but probably not the most effective.

Let’s face it, as consumers, we could find the home changing a great deal over the forthcoming years. The simplest way of imagining it is this: all your power sockets have a little box plugged into them. Your phones, computers, hifi systems are all there, but there are no wires in your room anymore! How nice is that?! First WiFi networking, now wireless electricity! And it’s good news for the robots of the future too - they can wander round, unattached, pushing a hoover that’s also unattached. Neat.

The future’s bright, even if it is only 40% bright right now!

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